2023 Finn Drive, Wooster Street, Smith Street Parking and Roan Street Sanitary Improvements

Finn Drive Map

Image of Finn Dr, with project location highlighted

Wooster Street Map

Image of Wooster Street, with project location highlighted

Smith Street Map

Image of Smith Street with project location highlighted

Anticipated Start Date

Early May


Reding’s Gravel and Excavating

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Samson Edekemi
On-Site Inspector
Bolton & Menk, Inc.
(712) 363-9255

Matt Cole
Bolton & Menk, Inc.
(507) 848-5208

Project Objectives

  • Improve street surface conditions
  • Reduce sewer inflow and infiltration
  • Increase water system flow capacity
  • Replace deteriorating infrastructure
  • Improve reliability and decrease maintenance
  • Improve surface drainage conditions