Becoming Brooklyn Center

The goal of the Becoming Brooklyn Center project is to make progress toward the City’s vision of a thriving, diverse, safe, and inclusive community. This includes:

  • Strengthening the City’s core identity and image
  • Defining and pursuing a new vision for growth in the city center
  • Ensuring that new development benefits City residents directly
  • Building on existing plans and policies, including the 2040 Comprehensive Plan
  • Strengthening investments the City has made in land and infrastructure
  • Listening to the community and incorporating their preferences, insights, and expertise


The project is a collection of several related activities working toward common goals. Main components will include:

  • New zoning code (a zoning code is a written regulation and law that defines how property in a specific area can be used) and other regulations to replace outdated versions. The new codes will be easier to use and better reflect community goals.
  • New zoning districts and design standards including transit-oriented development and mixed-use districts. A mixed-use district blends residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, and/or entertainment uses into one space.
  • Site-specific development plans for priority redevelopment sites including the 81-acre Opportunity Site, the former Sears property, and property owned by the Economic Development Authority (EDA) at County Road 10/57th Avenue & Logan Avenue.
  • Master plan for the 81-acre Opportunity Site in coordination with Alatus, a Minneapolis-based developer, as they design and plan for an initial development phase of the project.
  • Brooklyn Boulevard redevelopment framework to provide guidance for redevelopment of City-owned properties along the corridor.


The Becoming Brooklyn Center process began in March 2019 and will be underway until early-2021. It will be divided into five main phases:


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