City of Waconia, East Frontage Road Improvement Project

Project Overview

East Frontage Road Improvements Project Overview

There is no public street connection other than Highway 5 linking Hartmann Drive to Pine Street, which forces many trips to access Highway 5. This project constructs the connecting East Frontage Road link, which is integral to the overall improvements of Highway 5. The East Frontage Road will be designed as a 30 mph urban roadway from Hartmann Drive to Pine Street. This project will allow continuous travel to, from, and between existing commercial developments from Hartmann Drive to Pine Street without the use of Highway 5. A planned future extension of the East Frontage Road from Hartmann Drive to Main Street will open up approximately eight acres of developable highway business land.  In addition to the new roadway, the project will also include sidewalk, ponding, storm sewer, utility, and parking improvements.