Eden Valley 2021 Improvements

Project Overview

What is the 2021 Improvements Project?

The City of Eden Valley is undertaking a construction project that includes replacing the sanitary sewer mains and services, replacing the water mains and services, replacing the storm sewer system, and reconstructing the streets. The project area includes the following streets:

  • Coleman Avenue, from Brooks Street to 220-feet east of Bell Street
  • Rose Avenue, from Brooks Street to Bell Street
  • Brooks Street, from Stearns Avenue to Coleman Avenue
  • Maple Street, from Stearns Avenue to Coleman Avenue
  • Bell Street, from Stearns Avenue to Coleman Avenue

What can I expect during construction?

Construction is planned to start in Spring 2021 and end in Fall 2021. The top layer of new pavement will be constructed next year. During construction, streets in the project area will be closed to non-local traffic.



At times, residents within the project area will not have access to their driveways while certain construction operations are underway. When this occurs, residents will be notified in advance, as well as be asked to park on a nearby street outside of the construction zone. Driveway access will be restored as soon as possible as construction proceeds.


Private Utilities

Some power poles, gas mains and communication lines will be relocated during the project.  This work is necessary to accommodate the proposed improvements.  We understand that this work can be disruptive, and ask that you please be patient as the various contractors work to complete their individual portion of the improvements.


Disruptions to Sewer & Water Service

Water and sewer service will mostly be provided at all times. However, planned shut-downs and disruptions will occur. For any anticipated longer shutoff periods, residents will be notified. Your residence will be connected to a temporary water supply system until the new piping is installed and tested. This may result in a decrease in water pressure.


Private Improvements in Right-of-Way

If you have improvements such as landscaping, retaining walls, shrubs, bushes, flowers, sheds, irrigation systems, etc. in the right-of-way, it is not the contractor’s responsibility to work around them. The property owner is responsible for securing these private improvements and moving them if necessary to allow the project to be constructed. Neither the contractor nor City is responsible for damages incurred to private improvements in the right-of-way. Any underground improvements, such as irrigation lines and sprinkler heads, dog fences, etc., should be located and marked so they are readily visible.

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