Public Involvement

Construction is wrapping up!

Visit the Construction page or check out the latest newsletter to learn more. Thank you to the community for your patience during construction!

Open House: July 8, 2021

On Thursday, July 8, a public Open House was held at the City of Baxter Council Chambers. Attendees were provided with details about the project, viewed concept drawings/renderings, spoke with engineers and provided feedback on the project. Approximately 15 community members attended the event. Below are the materials made available at the Open House.

Improvement Hearing: October 7, 2021

On Thursday, Oct. 7, a public Improvement Hearing was held to consider the making of Improvement No. 4114, an improvement of sanitary sewer collection piping, water distribution piping, streets, stormwater collection piping, stormwater basin cleaning, street lights, mini roundabout, and trails within the project area. Below are the materials shared at the October 7 Improvement Hearing.

Attention – Adjacent Private Property Owners


In accordance with the” City of Baxter Assessment Policy for Public Initiated Improvements” portions of the proposed improvement project will be assessed to the benefitted property owners. Please understand, the intent of the assessment policy is to make sure residents pay only for portions of the project that are necessary to provide service to the land use (zoning) being serviced. In other words, homeowners in a residential area only pay for roadways and utility components necessary to service a residential area. Additional details regarding methods of assessments, assessment conditions, payment procedures including prepayments and partial payments) and deferments can be found in the assessment policy on the City of Baxter’s website ( or on the Deferred Assessments Form.


Private Improvements in Right-of-Way

If you have improvements such as landscaping, retaining walls, shrubs, bushes, flowers, sheds, irrigation systems, etc. in the right-of-way, start preparing for relocation plans as it will not be the contractor’s responsibility to work around them. The property owner will be responsible for securing these private improvements and moving them if necessary, to allow the project to be constructed. Neither the contractor nor City is responsible for damages incurred to private improvements in the right-of-way. Any underground improvements, such as irrigation lines and heads, dog fences, etc., should be located and marked so they are readily visible for surveying and construction.


More detailed and specific information on this will be shared again with all residents as the project progresses closer to construction.

In certain options of the project design, obtaining Right of Way or Utility Permanent Easements may be required on certain properties. If an option is selected that requires possible Right of Way acquisition on your property, the City will be reaching out to you directly to begin the process.