2023 TH 21 / CR 66 / Sawmill Roundabout

2021-07-23_TH21 LAYOUT

Project Summary

A new roundabout will be constructed the intersection of Hwy 21 / Sawmill Rd / CR66. Notable features of the improvements include:

  • New trail along the north side of CR 66, from TH 21 to Hillside Ave. To create space for this trail, the wide CR 66 shoulder is to be reduced in width.
  • New trail along the east side of TH 21 and north side of Sawmill Road, connecting the Sawmill Road sidewalk to the TH 21 bridge and trail.
  • Roundabout diameter is approximately the same as the Creek Lane/282 roundabout, but slightly larger.
  • A pond is proposed in the SW corner of the roundabout on property currently owned by the City.

Project Documents

4/26/23 Public Open House Meeting Boards

Project Links

Project Schedule

  • June 12th: Start of Construction. Intersection closed to traffic.
  • Early September: Completion of Phase 1. Westbound Sawmill Road to northbound TH 21 open to traffic
  • Early October: Substantial Completion. Intersection open to traffic

Project Contacts

Mike Waltman
Jordan City Engineer (Bolton & Menk)
(952) 890-0509

Mark Olson
MnDOT Project Liaison