Project Components

Lake Avenue Improvements

Traffic Control at Downtown Plaza Intersection

Traffic control at the Downtown Plaza intersection is just one component of the project to improve safety on Lake Avenue/Blue Earth Avenue. The road will be reduced from four to three lanes, which will:

  • Improve conditions for turning traffic
  • Slow vehicle speeds along the corridor
  • Reduce the number of vehicle lanes that pedestrians must cross
  • Allow wider sidewalk/trail on the west/south side of the corridor to improve the bicyclist and pedestrian experience.

The ultimate goal for the Downtown Plaza intersection is to provide a safe intersection for vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Below is a table that compares the different traffic control options along with their impact on safety, delay, and project cost.

For more information:

Comparison Matrix of Intersection Control Options for Downtown Plaza/Blue Earth Avenue

Intersection Options MatrixOpen a PDF version of the Intersection Control Options Matrix

How does a semi-truck or other large vehicle use a roundabout?

Many roundabouts are designed to accommodate large trucks. The videos below show a roundabout with a center island and medians designed to provide extra space for vehicles that need to make wide turns. Watch the videos below to see how a semi-truck makes both a left and right turn in a single-lane roundabout.

Left turn

Right turn