Twin Lake Blvd 2023 Roadway Upgrades

Project Updates

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Daniel Julson
Construction Representative
Cell: 952-463-6804

Eric Seaburg
City Engineer

Cell: 763-732-8751

Project Updates – October 30, 2023

Work Completed Last Week:

  • Minor grading around each of the ponds and added seed to areas that were disturbed.
  • Tomorrow they plan on painting the centerline of the street from Vadnais Boulevard to Vadnais Boulevard.

Work Completed This Week:

  • Began working on the fence along the backside of the trail to protect users from the steeper slopes.

Anticipated Work for Next Week:

  • Finishing fence work installation.
  • Wrapping minor punch list items.

This will be the final project update. The project team very much appreciates everyone’s patience throughout construction! 

Check out this video for a unique view of the project!

Drone video still shot


Project related documents will go here once construction begins.