Belgrade Avenue - Corridor Study

The Mankato/North Mankato Area Planning Organization (MAPO), in coordination with the City of North Mankato and the Minnesota Department of Transportation, conducted a corridor study on Belgrade Avenue from Lee Boulevard to the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge. As part of the study, existing and future conditions were evaluated and recommendations for improvements on the corridor were identified for potential future implementation.

The City of North Mankato has also completed the Belgrade Avenue Master Plan as a framework for investment in the Central Business District (CBD) and to achieve a shared vision of the future of the CBD by the City, citizens and property owners in the downtown area.

Documents are available below. Both documents were adopted by the North Mankato City Council at the July 24, 2017 Council meeting.

Belgrade Master Plan

Belgrade Ave Corridor Study

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Belgrade Avenue Corridor Study:

The Belgrade Avenue Corridor Study is focused on identifying future transportation improvements to increase the function and safety for all modes of traffic on Belgrade Avenue between Lee Boulevard and the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge.

Belgrade Avenue serves as the central corridor for the downtown business district and provides a gateway to North Mankato from Highway 169 and the City of Mankato to the east. The City of North Mankato has demonstrated a commitment to improving the central business district (CBD) through the Belgrade Master Plan planning process and several other previous planning efforts.

The Mankato/North Mankato Area Planning Organization (MAPO) and the City of North Mankato, in partnership with MnDOT, worked together to accomplish the following for the Belgrade Avenue Corridor Study:

  • Understand the needs and opportunities in the corridor
  • Develop and evaluate potential transportation improvement alternatives
  • Gather public and business input on corridor needs and improvement alternatives
  • Reach consensus on a recommended corridor plan
  • Develop an implementation plan that prioritizes projects for completion over time

The study was completed in 2017.


Mankato/North Mankato Area Planning Organization (MAPO)

John Harrenstein
North Mankato City Administrator

Michael Fisher
Community Development Director

Paul Vogel

Charles Androsky

Bolton & Menk, Inc.

Angie Bersaw

Mankato/North Mankato Area Planning Organization:

The Mankato/North Mankato Area Planning Organization (MAPO) meets and maintains a continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive metropolitan transportation planning process providing maximum service to citizens through intergovernmental collaboration. The 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan prepared by the MAPO which identified and prioritized specific projects that will serve the future needs of the area transportation system. This Riverfront Drive Corridor Study was specifically identified as a high priority project through that planning effort.

MAPO Members:

Cities: Mankato, North Mankato, Eagle Lake, Skyline

Counties: Blue Earth, Nicollet

Townships: Belgrade, Lime, South Bend, LeRay, Mankato