Project Overview

The City of Montrose is reconstructing parts of Montrose in 2021. The city is currently beginning the design phase of the project, with construction anticipated to occur in 2021. Improvements in the project area include:

  • 28-foot, 32-foot, and 38-foot wide asphalt streets. The street improvements figure shows the street widths that are planned for each street
  • Concrete curb and gutter on all streets to help better drain water into storm sewer system
  • Concrete driveway aprons and sidewalks
  • Sanitary sewer, manholes, and sewer services
  • Watermain, hydrants with isolation valves, mainline valves and water services
  • Storm sewer, storm manholes and catch basins

For more information on these improvements, view the improvement maps under the project updates tab of the website.

Anticipated Project Schedule

What should I expect during construction?

To gain a better understanding of what construction will look like, watch our “What to Expect During Construction” video below!