Project Updates

Project Update – July 26, 2023

Phase 1 & Phase 2 

With the hot weather we have been experiencing, we are sending out a reminder that the long-term maintenance of the newly established turf areas is the responsibility of the property owners.

The Newly Seeded Lawn Management Guide that was mailed to all residents in the reconstruction project areas provides detailed information on best practices for maintaining your lawn. Please be sure to water your lawn a minimum of 2 times per week (apply 1-inch of water each week) and cut your lawn regularly to keep the lawn height between 2.75 – 3.5-inches.

Please reach out to the project contacts listed on this page with any questions you may have.

Newly Seeded Lawns 

Seeding for the 2021 Downtown Improvements Project – Phase 1 will be completed soon to restore disturbed areas. After the new seed is in place, we will need your help to ensure that the turf survives during its rooting process! The contractor is responsible for getting the seed to initially grow over these new areas; however, homeowners are responsible for mowing and long-term maintenance once the seed has grown.

Please refer to the Newly Seeded Lawn Management guide to restore your lawn to its prior beauty as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please reach out to Jared Voge.