Le Sueur County TH 112 Turnback Project




Highway 112 (County Highway 22), within the City of Le Sueur, needs improvements to address failing pavement and underground utilities. Utility improvements will include sanitary sewer, watermain, and storm sewer. This project also provides the opportunity to improve connections and safety for pedestrians and motorists.

During project development for Highway 112 (County Highway 22) it was decided to not reconstruct the Main Street portion. Resources set aside for the Main Street section of Highway 112 (County Highway 22) will be reallocated to Ferry Street, a stretch of County roadway within the City of Le Sueur that is in greater need at this time.

The Final Project Area will include the following street sections:

  • CSAH 22 (TH 112 Turnback) from County Road 115 (356th St) to Ferry Street; Ferry Street from Elmwood Avenue to S 4th Street; S 4th Street from Ferry Street to Bridge Street; Bridge Street from S 4th Street to N Main Street; Commerce Street from Market Street to TH 169 NB ramp
  • CSAH 26 (Ferry Street) from Elmwood Avenue to CSAH 35 (Kingsway Drive)
  • CSAH 36 (S 2nd Street) from Ferry Street to Bridge Street


Construction for year 2 is underway!

Check out the updated construction staging map for more information on impacts and project schedule!