Project Summary

In 2021, the City of Orono will be making improvements to various roads throughout the city. These roads include East Navarre, West Navarre, Eileen Street, Elm Street, Park Lane, Casco Point Road, Casco Circle, and Fagerness Point Road. Weekly updates will be posted here once construction begins.

Prior to the Street Improvements Project, the city will also be replacing the existing forcemain on Park Lane and Elm Street. This work is scheduled to begin the week of April 26th and is anticipated to wrap up toward the end of May. During this time, residents of Park Lane and Elm Street may experience temporarily restricted access. Access to residences will be restored at the end of each work day, and one lane of traffic will remain open for the duration of the project. Residents are asked to please use caution when traveling through the area. If there are any questions or concerns regarding the Forcemain Improvements project, please contact Project Representative Luke Connor at (507) 995-0465.

Weekly Update

2021 Street Improvements

  • There will be a crew on Casco Point & Casco Circle today and tomorrow to haul in class 5 and prepare Casco Point for curb & gutter.
  •  On Monday, the concrete crew will be on site to pour curb and gutter on Casco Point. Curb will be on both sides of the street from the bottom of the hill (where construction starts) to the top of the hill where the intersection begins. There will still be one lane open to traffic the entire time but there will be a ton of action on Casco Point so access in/out of Casco Circle will be a headache (which everyone is already used to by now).
  • All residents that have a driveway on Casco Point will be required to have their vehicles out of their driveway before 7AM Monday morning. You can park out on Casco Point beyond the temporary mailboxes.
  • Once concrete is poured on both sides of Casco Point Road, residents on Casco Point won’t be able to access their driveways for 7 days (adequate time for the concrete to cure).  You will have to park out on Casco Point during those 7 days. One the 7 days are over; we will ramp driveways
  • The contractor has tentatively scheduled paving on Casco Point & Casco Circle for Friday (10/15). This greatly depends on weather and how long the concrete crew is working on Casco Point.

Open House Presentation

To learn more about this project, including construction details, impacts, and timelines, please watch the presentation below.

Note: make sure your volume is up, the presentation is narrated.

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Luke Connor (Primary Contact)
Project Representative

Adam Edwards
Director of Public Works/City Engineer

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