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June 4th Open House Materials

Thank you to those that attended the June 4th open house! The purpose of the Open House was to allow the public a chance to provide feedback on the range of options at Sunfish Lake Boulevard, Ramsey Boulevard, and the west end of the corridor. The city intends to present a preferred vision for Highway 10 to all impacted agencies in late July or early August. Materials from the event have been posted below for your review. Please provide the project team with any feedback via the online comment form.

Business and Property Owner Meetings

Thank you to those that attended the May 22nd and May 23rd business and property owner meetings. The purpose of these meetings was to provide the business and property owners opportunity to learn about the range of improvement options and voice their feedback in a small group or a one-on-one setting prior to the larger public open house. One meeting focused on the range of improvement options and potential impacts at Sunfish Lake Boulevard, while the second meeting focused on the same topics at Ramsey Boulevard. All potentially impacted businesses and property owners were mailed and emailed an invite and encouraged to attend the meeting(s) that interested them. See the Sunfish Lake Boulevard Improvement Options Boards and the Ramsey Boulevard Improvement Options Boards for the range of improvement options that were presented to each group. Also, see the summary below for what the project team heard from the attendees or by email and phone call following the meetings.

Project Engagement Cycle