What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A comprehensive plan is a long-range planning document intended to identify a community’s vision, goals, and policies to guide future development and public investment. Simply put, a comprehensive plan describes the hopes, dreams and aspirations a community holds for itself. Through public input, a comprehensive plan identifies infrastructure needs, promotes the preservation of natural resources, and guides land use and transportation patterns.

The comprehensive plan will address:

  • Land use
  • Growth management
  • Natural resources
  • Transportation
  • Infrastructure
  • Utilities
  • Parks and trails
  • Economic development

Why Update the Comprehensive Plan?

Minnesota Statutes, Section 462.351 describes legislative goals for city and township planning:

  • Prepare for anticipated change.
  • Guide future development of land.
  • Ensure a safer, more pleasant and economical environment.
  • Preserve agricultural and other open lands. Save money in both private and public expenditures.
  • Enable other public and private agencies to plan their activities in harmony with the plan.
  • Assist in developing lands more wisely to serve citizens more effectively.

But a comprehensive plan is more than just a document. It is an opportunity to engage the public in local decisions and to allow people with different perspectives to articulate the sort of community they would like to live in and leave behind.

A comprehensive plan creates a framework to make sound decisions that positively affect the City of Rice Lake and provide guidance for the community to reach its’ long-term goals.

What’s Next?

The City will soon be distributing a comprehensive plan survey. Check back here for additional opportunities to participate in the planning process.