Project Overview

Infrastructure improvements are planned to be constructed or reconstructed to provide the public with a sustainable system of roads, utilities, trails, and sidewalk to augment the City with greater connectivity among residents, safer traveling for vehicles and pedestrians, and a healthier quality of life. These improvements consist of the following project components:

  • Reconstruction of Waconia Parkway North and North Walnut Street (between Scott Lane and West First Street). This includes removing and reconstructing the entire right-of-way and improving the sub-base and existing storm sewer system.
  • Trail reconstruction along the north side of Waconia Parkway North and sidewalk reconstruction along the west side of North Walnut Street.
  • Sanitary sewer and watermain replacement along Waconia Parkway North and North Walnut Street.
  • Reconstruction and extension of the box culvert west of the Lakeview Terrace Boulevard and Waconia Parkway North intersection.
  • Storm sewer retrofitting of four outlet structures to Lake Waconia: east of Waconia Parkway North, at North Cedar Street, at North Maple Street, and at North Elm Street.
  • The road along with the trail to Cedar Point Park will be closed for the majority of this project.
  • Traffic will be detoured to Olive Street, State Hwy 5, Waconia Parkway South, and County Road 10.  See the Detour Plan on the “Project Layout & Images” page for a map of the detour route