City of Waconia, Waconia Parkway South Improvement Project

Project Overview

Parkway South Improvements Project Overview

This project will increase traffic capacity and safety along the Waconia Parkway South corridor from Pond Lane to Hwy 5. The planned improvements to the roadway are as follows:

  • Construction of a new roundabout at Pond Lane
  • Realignment of the Pond Lane / Wildcat Way intersection
  • Addition of a traffic signal at Oak Avenue
  • Removal of the north leg of Oak Avenue
  • Addition of turn lanes at the intersection with Farmline Road
  • Shoulder widening
  • Mill and overlay and re-striping of remaining corridor sections
  • Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) at the Strong Drive intersection (to follow as a separate project)
  • Potential addition of a sidewalk along the south side of the corridor (if budgeted funds are available)

Click the image to view a larger version of the map. To view a map of the detailed proposed improvements click here.