13th Street SW & Litchfield Ave SW Reconstruction

Proposed Improvements

  • 38-foot-wide asphalt street with concrete curb and gutter
  • Concrete driveway aprons
  • Sanitary sewer, manholes, and sewer services
  • Water main, hydrants with isolation valves, mainline valves, and water services
  • Storm sewer, storm manholes and catch basins

Project Update – July 14, 2023

We are aware of inadequacies with the turf establishment within the areas disturbed with the project.  The contractor is planning to address the turf areas in late Summer/early Fall when the weather will be more conducive to growing grass.  Additional information for the turf establishment and other punch list items will be provided when we know more.

Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout the improvement process!

Project Update – May 22, 2023

Construction of the 2022 13th Street SW and Litchfield Ave Reconstruction Project has been progressing nicely. Recently, the contractor installed seed over areas in your yard to restore disturbed areas.

Now that the new seed is in place, we will need your help to ensure that the turf survives during its rooting process! The contractor is responsible for getting the seed to initially grow over these new areas; however, homeowners are responsible for mowing and long-term maintenance once the seed has grown.

Please refer to the Newly Seeded Lawn Management guide to restore your lawn to its prior beauty as quickly as possible.


Duininck, Inc.

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What to Expect During Construction

Project Contact

Spencer Johnson
Bolton & Menk, Inc.


City Engineer

Jared Voge
Bolton & Menk, Inc.