6th Street SW Reconstruction

Proposed Improvements

  • 38-foot-wide asphalt street with concrete curb and gutter
  • Concrete driveway aprons
  • Sanitary sewer, manholes, and sewer services
  • Water main, hydrants with isolation valves, mainline valves, and water services
  • Storm sewer, storm manholes and catch basins

Project Updates – November 30, 2022

This project is substantially complete. Both the final paving course and all additional seeding needs will be completed in spring 2023.

New concrete driveway aprons were constructed for every homeowner throughout the project area and new concrete sidewalks were also constructed in most locations where it existed prior to construction. Please refer to the Winter Concrete Care Guide for snow removal best practices to prevent any cracks in your new concrete sidewalk and driveways.

Bolton & Menk and the contractor are aware of miscellaneous repairs that are needed along the project area such as concrete repair and driveway restoration. These items will be completed when construction can resume in 2023. We ask that residents please notify Bolton & Menk of any additional work that they feel was missed or needs to be corrected. Thank you for your patience  throughout the process of improving your streets and utilities!


Voss Pluming & Heating of Paynesville, Inc.

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What to Expect During Construction

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