Gorton Ave, 18th St & 20th St Improvements

Project Phasing Map

Proposed Improvements

  • asphalt streets with concrete curb and gutter
  • concrete driveway aprons
  • sanitary sewer system
  • water main, hydrants and water services
  • storm sewer system

Project Updates – May 22, 2024

Construction is continuing on the Gorton Avenue Area Improvement project. The Contractor is planning to complete the remaining work for the project by the end of June, 2024, and the anticipated schedule for the next 2 weeks is provided below:

Phases 1, 2, 3, & 4

  • Week of May 20 through the week of May 28
    • Due to a conflict in the Contractor’s schedule, the topsoil preparation and seeding for the below described areas has been delayed to the end of this week through early next week.  The topsoil and seeding for all other areas will be completed after the street and trail construction is complete.
      • Phase 1 – South side of Gorton Avenue.
      • Phase 2 – All areas disturbed with project.
      • Phase 3 – South side of Gorton Avenue and all areas disturbed with project on 20th Street.
      • Phase 4 – South side of Gorton Avenue and all areas disturbed with project on 18th Street.

After the seeding is completed, it is the residents’ responsibility to maintain the lawn.  Residents must water the lawns to properly establish the turf.   Please follow the Newly Seeded Lawns management document to ensure the growth and development of the seeded areas.

Phase 1, 3, 4

  • Weeks of May 28 and June 3
    • The initial grading and gravel base construction for the new bituminous path has been complete. The contractor will complete the final grading and construction of the path through Mid-June. The path will remain closed until completion.

Phase 5

  • Week of May 28 and June 3
    • The contractor has completed all underground utility work on Phase 5 of the project area.
    • Construction of the new gravel base of Gorton Avenue will be installed the weeks of May 28 and June 3.
    • Concrete curb and gutter will follow the completion of the gravel base.

Construction operations will not take place over Memorial Day Weekend. Temporary access to Calvary Lutheran Cemetery and Fairview Cemetery will be provided prior to Saturday, May 25.

Additional Notes:

Traffic: The construction area is closed to through-traffic and is open to local-traffic only.  A police presence will be in place periodically on Gorton Avenue and fines may be issued to traffic violators.

Garbage/Recycling: Residents are asked to label their garbage and recycling bins by writing their house number on a piece of tape and attaching it to their bins.  Place the bins near the street on pick-up days and the contractor will move them as needed for pick-up.

Punch List: If there are any items that you believe need to be addressed prior to the completion of the project, please contact Spencer Johnson at the contact information provided.

Additional updates will be provided as the construction progresses. Thank you for your continual patience and understanding throughout the process of improving your streets and utilities! 


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Newsletter 1 – May 1, 2023

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