Industrial Drive Service Road Reconstruction

Proposed Improvements

  • 24-foot-wide asphalt street with concrete curb and gutter
  • Concrete driveway aprons
  • Sanitary sewer, manholes, and sewer services
  • Water main, hydrants with isolation valves, mainline valves, and water services
  • Storm sewer, storm manholes and catch basins

Project Update – May 3, 2024

The rain has required the contractor to delay their schedule. The contractor plans to start the overseeding work Monday, May 6, weather pending.

Project Updates – April 25, 2024

We have worked diligently with the contractor to develop a plan to address the inadequate turf establishment areas throughout the project area.

The contractor has coordinated a schedule with a new seeding subcontractor to repair these areas throughout the project.  The corrective work will include the application of weed killer/preventer, overseeding, and the application of hydromulch on the surface of the overseeded areas.  The overseeding will be completed with spike seeding machinery, which will loosen the soil and embed the seed into the soil with fertilizer.  It is recommended that residents and their pets stay off these areas for a minimum of 24-hours from application to avoid any potentially harmful effects from the weed treatment.

The seeding subcontractor plans to be onsite to complete the work either Friday, April 26 or early the week of April 29. The contractor will not be providing any maintenance of these areas after the overseeding is completed.  Residents must water the lawns to properly establish the turf.  Please follow the “Newly Seeded Lawns” management document to ensure the growth and development of the seeded areas.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during the turf establishment process!

Anticipated Start Date

September 2022


Voss Pluming & Heating of Paynesville, Inc.


Newly Seeded Lawns Management Document

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What to Expect During Construction

Project Contact

Spencer Johnson
Bolton & Menk, Inc.


City Engineer

Jared Voge
Bolton & Menk, Inc.