ADA - Transition Plan & Inventory


The City of Willmar is beginning the process of performing a Self-Evaluation of policies, practices and pedestrian infrastructure within public rights-of-way and preparing an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan to identify ADA deficiencies that pose barriers to safe and efficient access for all users. The ADA Transition Plan documents the findings of the Self-Evaluation and will provide a detailed schedule and planning-level costs for the removal of barriers to accessibility within pedestrian infrastructure in the system.

Please visit this page frequently for updates to the project schedule, notifications of upcoming public meetings, other materials prepared as part of this process, and other opportunities for you to provide your input on the process.

If you are an individual with a disability or an organization who represents those with disabilities, we encourage you to take some time to submit comments on this page or contact one of our project staff listed on the right.



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Public Comment

Use the following form to submit comments to project staff regarding locations that pose barriers to you in your daily use of pedestrian infrastructure in the City of Willmar. Project Staff will use this information when identifying priority areas for improvement throughout the process.


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    Jared Voge, P.E.
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    Phone: 612-756-0326

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