Virtual Project Information Meeting

This video gives an overview of the shared use path plan. Click on the YouTube video below to view.



The project is funded in part by federal aid funds known as Transportation Alternatives Program funding and supplemented by City of Ames Local Option Sales Tax.  Federal-aid is up to $159,000 and City funds are up to $461,000.

The project is scheduled to bid through the Iowa DOT on September 21, 2021

There is a possibility that the project could be done late fall in 2021.  It is more likely that the construction will take place spring of 2022.

It is anticipated that construction will take 4-6 weeks for all work to be completed.

No.  In order to safely construct the new pavement, the trail from South 16th Street to Grand Avenue will need to be closed.  However, the trail along South 16th Street by Greenbriar Park will remain open as will the newly constructed trail from South 16th to the ISU Research Park.

No.  The current trail crossing between holes 1 and 2 were previously paved and access will be maintained on this paved access.  Access between holes 8 and 9 will have been reconstructed with the Grand Avenue extension project in the summer/fall of 2021.

Not as a part of this project; however, the City of Ames is working on the design and subsequent installation of a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon at this location.  A similar system is in place  on 13th Street in front of Fire Station #1.


Mark Gansen, P.E.

Civil Engineer II

(515) 239-5291

Eric Cowles, P.E.

Project Manager

(763) 258-7567

David Millmeyer, EIT

Design Engineer

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