Project Overview

The reconstruction of the streets and utilities are planned to occur in the older portion of town.  This project area includes nearly all of the city streets located to the east of Hwy 284 (Paul Avenue), north of Hwy 212, and south of St. Bernard Catholic Church.  These improvements are planned to provide the public with a higher quality system of roads,  a more reliable water system, and additional stormwater conveyance and treatment.  These improvements generally consist of the following project components:

  • Reconstruction of the streets: this reconstruction work includes street/curb removal, excavation of existing subgrade material, placement of road base material, installation of new concrete curb and gutter, and asphalt paving. Truck routes will receive 3 lifts of bituminous pavement, and residential streets will receive 2 lifts of bituminous pavement. Additionally, draintile will be placed to assist with subsurface drainage and to allow for private connections.
  • Reconstruction and expansion of the storm sewer system: The existing storm sewer system is lacking in the project area. The storm sewer piping will be replace and expanded. Stormwater treatment will also be added to select areas as this is a requirement of the Carver County Water Management Organization.
  • Reconstruction of the water system: the existing water system contains many dead-end lines and few mainline gate valves.  The water system will be replaced and expanded to include looping and additional gate valves. This will increase the fire flows in the area and will also limit the number of homes that need to be shut-off during future maintenance or repair operations.
  • Repair of the sanitary sewer system: the mainline sewer pipes are planned to be lined as separate projects on an ongoing basis.  The sewer repair work to be included with the larger street and utility reconstruction project include miscellaneous spot repairs, manhole repairs, and casting replacements.
  • Miscellaneous items: the work described above will also require the removal and replacement of portions of driveways, landscaping, and yards.

*The final project scope and the estimated construction start date have not been determined.  Several items need to occur with preliminary design, cost estimation, and financing/funding research before the City Council can make a decision about whether or not a project will proceed.  The earliest a construction project would be able to commence is in the spring of 2020.

What to Expect During Construction

This video is intended to guide you through what to expect during the residential reconstruction project, detailing some impacts you may experience and how to prepare accordingly.


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