Schedule 0

Week of 8/19/2019

The contractors have been making great progress. The project team is currently in the stage of digging down to the subgrade and building back the roadway section to prepare for bituminous (asphalt). This will involve the temporary closure of each entrance and create fewer access points in and out of businesses. Although an inconvenience, this makes the process more efficient for the contractor and helps crews finish quicker.

Sometime next week, crews will be paving 2 of 3 layers of bituminous. This process will create temporary closures for each entrance as crews allow the pavement to cool and roll to proper compaction. This should last for two days, similar to the south side.

After the pavement is completed, crews will be constructing a new pedestrian crossing and island in front of Kwik Trip. Additionally, turf restoration and various landscaping work will need to be done.