Documents and Meeting Information

The project is being led locally by a steering committee established by the City.  The steering committee is made up of residents, business owners and stakeholders.

Monday, August 19th City Council Meeting

Steering Committee Meeting #3:

The third steering committee meeting was held on June 5, 2019. Committee members reviewed a draft for the document along with the goals for each section, updating goals as necessary and talking over other major points for the finishing of Elkhart’s Comprehensive Plan.

During this meeting, maps played a large role in deciding on ideas for parts of the document such as the future land use map and the committee members deciding on how Elkhart will expand in both the near and far future.

Other topics that were covered during the meeting consisted of: Future land use, sidewalks and the connectivity of the community, partnerships and economic development, safety of both traffic and pedestrians within and outside the community, goals and the vision statement for Elkhart’s Comprehensive Plan.

In the future, to incorporate the rest of the community in establishing the Elkhart Comprehensive Plan there will be a Public Open House for more input.

Steering Committee Meeting #2:

The second steering committee meeting was held on February 6, 2019.  Committee members reviewed an outline for the document and then reviewed the results of the Community survey. Sixty-five individuals responded to the Community Input Survey.  The committee then focused its efforts on identifying goals/objectives for each topic area for the comprehensive plan.


  • Increase tax base – Community/Residents
  • Maintain user-friendly development reviews/regulations
  • Beautification/Wayfinding
  • Housing CAriert – Rent & Own
  • Convenience Store
  • Trails – Trailhead
  • Ongoing Utilities/Infrastructure/Street Maintenance
  • Reuse of former sewage lagoons
  • Commercially independant
  • Economically viable
  • Family friendly
  • Affordable housing – better quality
  • User-friendly government
  • Welcoming – curb appeal

Steering Committee Meeting #1: 

The first steering committee meeting was held on September 24, 2018.  The primary purpose of the meeting was to begin the project.  Committee members participated in an exercise to identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) of Elkhart.  Members used colored dots to geographically identify the categories.  The maps used for the exercise and the summary of the discussion can be found below.


  • Main Street and local businesses
  • The ability to expand
  • Opportunities for linkages
  • The new subdivision being developed
  • The ability to be proactive and annex land for growth before nearby communities try to acquire the land
  • Proximity to the interstate
  • Geographic location – ease of access between Des Moines and Ames
  • Schools/school district and housing


  • Ball Fields on the South side of town are somewhat disconnected
  • Current wastewater system (will be relocated)
  • Infrastructure challenges
  • Manufactured home park (maintenance concerns/property concerns)
  • Industrial uses next to manufactured home park
  • Railroad track crossing challenges
  • Undeveloped parcels – a current weakness/future opportunity
  • Old infrastructure on the South side of town


  • Undeveloped parcels at a key intersection (southern entryway into town)
  • Ball Fields – attracting people to the community
  • Opportunity to develop the land next to the new subdivision that is being developed
  • Expand and redevelop Prairie Pointe Park
  • Potential development opportunity on the north side of town


  • Interstate – (coming from the West) serves as a challenge as can close with limited control
  • Keeping a distinct identity – Unique from Ankeny and other large metro communities
  • Mining history – consider mining rights (for zoning, surface rights, and below surface rights)

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