Because of our local ties, we have a true understanding of the people, needs, and resources in the communities we serve. Projects of all types and sizes can benefit from a clear, organized, and meaningful approach to communication. Our project communication group will work with you to find the right communication tools for your project based on its scope, timeline, and budget.

Whether your goal is to inform or involve the public (or both), we maximize audience reach and accessibility by using a combination of in-person and digital tools. Our variety of innovative tools helps you connect with audiences in many ways – providing effective, practical solutions that save time and resources.

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Public Outreach

Whether you’ve already started a project or you’re thinking about the next initiative, we can develop the right public outreach campaign for you. Our market research, brand strategy, and public outreach experts will define the right campaign for you. The team also works with the firm’s engineers, architects, and planners to understand the project itself from ideation through implementation. When we say we’re a comprehensive firm, we really mean it.


Matt Ferrier

Principal Engineer

Justin Ernst,

Senior Project Engineer

Wyatt Klooster,

Design Engineer

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