Cass County CSAH 70 Gull River Crossing Project


What is the Cass County Gull River Crossing Project?

Cass County’s Gull River Crossing Project will create a roadway and trail connection from County Highway 70 across Gull River to County Road 105. This project may also include spot safety and drainage improvements to the county line and re-align the connection with Scenic Drive. The project will also review the intersections within the corridor to determine appropriate intersection controls.

Project Q&A

Q: Why is the county doing the Gull River Crossing Project?

A: The Corps of Engineers is closing the road through their property in 2024. This requires the city and county to create a new connection.

Q: What factors led to the road closing?

A: Driver and pedestrian efficiency: Current one-lane bridge over river is not effective. Culturally-sensitive area: Road runs through culturally significant area. Erosion concern: Bank of Gull River has eroded along the existing road.

Q: What will be built?

A: The project team will design a new road, trail, and pedestrian connection between County Road 105 and County Highway 70.


November 26, 2019
4-6 p.m.
East Gull Lake City Hall

Join us November 26 to learn more about the Gull River Crossing project, including goals, purpose, timeline, design options, and more!