17th Avenue Improvements


Project Summary

Project Updates – December 1, 2023

Thank you to everyone who shared their feedback on the three design concepts for the 17th Avenue Improvements project! Our team collected feedback from Aug. 8 – Oct. 20, 2023 to inform which concept should move forward and what the team should consider refining and adjusting in later phases of the project. A summary of the engagement strategies employed and feedback heard is now available .

The project team presented the public feedback received and discussed next steps regarding potential funding sources with the City Council on Nov. 14. The Concept B (multi-use trail) is planned to be submitted in upcoming funding applications. Further consideration of Concept A (cycle track) as well as Concept B (multi-use trail) will occur during the final design phase when a more detailed review of individual impacts will also be evaluated. Once funding is secured, we will begin refining design elements such as trail and boulevard widths and design aesthetics, so we can do our best to shape the project footprint. Additional public engagement opportunities will be held during the final design phase to collect feedback on the refined design. The final design phase may begin as early as late 2024, though could also be years out depending on the timing of funding receipt.

Thank you again for participating in this first phase of the project, your input is a vital component of developing a community-supported design, which is what we strive for!

Project Purpose and Need

17th Avenue is the lone concrete roadway in the City and its pavement is in poor condition. Underneath the roadway are public utilities in need of replacement, including a clay sanitary sewer pipe as well as an undersized cast iron watermain, both from 1950 and at the end of their useful lives. At the southern end of the corridor, 17th Avenue will be extended south of Excelsior Boulevard to the METRO Green Line Extension project’s Shady Oak Station. This new segment of 17th Avenue will include construction of a two-way bicycle lane along the west side of the roadway, “dead ending” at Excelsior Boulevard, and sidewalks along both sides. With no dedicated bicycle facilities along 17th Avenue north of Excelsior Boulevard, there exists a gap without suitable connection to the Lake Minnetonka Regional Trail, just south of Highway 7. With the need for reconstruction for the 17th Avenue pavement and utilities between Excelsior Boulevard and Highway 7, the City sees an opportunity to consider improvements which will support users of all ages, abilities, and transportation modes.

With funding from Hennepin County in 2018, the City of Hopkins commissioned an initial feasibility study to analyze bicycle and pedestrian-friendly design concepts for 17th Avenue. The City is now seeking feedback on these concepts so it can identify a preferred solution and then pursue funding to make the preferred plan a reality.

Project Area Map

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Shady Oak Station Map

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Project Schedule

This high-level project schedule is dependent on the receipt of outside funding and therefore is subject to change.

  • August 8 – October 20, 2023: Public engagement on preliminary design concepts
  • November 2023: City Council approves preferred preliminary design and pursuit of funding
    • Once funding is secured, the timing of the next project phase will be determined.
  • 2026-2030: Timeline during which construction may take place
    • The construction timeline is dependent on the timing of funding received, therefore this range is unconfirmed and subject to change. The City will distribute information well in advance of construction to stakeholders.

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Bolton & Menk, Inc.

Nate Stanley, PE
Senior Project Manager

Mike Waltman, PE
Principal Engineer

City of Hopkins

Eric Klingbeil, PE
City Engineer

Kurt Howard