Howard Lake Utility Improvements Project

Street and Utilities Improvements


Project Overview

Project Overview

Several streets and utilities in Howard Lake are at the end of their expected life cycle. The Utilities Improvements Project will address and mitigate the known deficiencies with the City’s infrastructure system in three phases. The current phase, Phase 1, will focus on street and utility improvements, including sanitary sewer, water distribution and storm sewer systems.

The streets within the project areas have briefly failed or are beyond reasonable repair, requiring complete reconstruction. The sanitary sewer system was installed 75 years ago and is experiencing pipe deteriorations such as cracks, failed pipes, infiltrations and root intrusion. The water distribution system is beyond its design life and some mains are undersized for current demands. The materials that compose the water mains are mostly cast iron pipe, approaching 60 years old. Similarly, most of the storm sewer system is at least 50 years old.

The design of the street and utility improvements will be completed near September 2023. Construction is anticipated to begin near October 2023, with final completion by Summer 2026. See the project map on the backside of this invitation for details and locations of street and utility construction.

Project Area

Project Timeline

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Project Contacts:

Josh Halvorson, P.E., City Engineer
Phone: 320-231-3956 (Ext. 3060)

Dylan Idso, P.E., Project Engineer
Phone: 320-231-3956 (Ext. 3111)


City of Howard Lake Contacts:

Nick Haggenmiller
Phone: 320-546-3670  (Ext. 2)

Meagan Theisen
Phone: 320-546-3670  (Ext. 3)

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