2025 Street Reclamation Project



Project Overview

Map of the project area

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The roadway pavement on Martindale Street NE, Hickory Lane NE and Henning Circle NE has reached the end of its useful life and needs to be replaced. In 2025, the City of Prior Lake plans to improve these roads by reclaiming the pavement as well as making drainage repairs. The project team is also studying the possibility of adding concrete curb and gutter to these roads.

Prior to construction in 2025, the City will be working with residents and property owners to gather their feedback on the proposed improvements and construction plans. Sign up for project updates to stay informed about project progress and engagement opportunities.


This project is part of Prior Lake’s 2023-2027 Capital Improvement Program (CIP), a framework used for identifying and prioritizing improvement projects for streets, trails, parks, equipment, utilities and public buildings. This project will be funded with local funds set aside for projects within the CIP as well as assessments to adjacent benefiting properties.

Pavement reclamation process

The pavement reclamation process recycles the current pavement by grinding it in place, then compacting it to make a solid base for a new road surface to be paved on top of it. This process is quicker, more cost effective and has a lower environmental impact than a full reconstruction (repaving the roadway from scratch).  This process also makes providing access to homes easier during the construction process.