Tyger River Recreation Region

The proposed Tyger River Recreation Regional Plan would be a unique ecological and cultural asset to the Upstate of South Carolina. This initiative recognizes the need for increased public access to our state’s special places. The Tyger River Foundation and Upstate Forever are working together to increase public recreation and eco-tourism within the Tyger River system.

This initiative is focused on a 20-mile section along the North and South Tyger Rivers, building on recent and on-going initiatives to restore historical sites, including the oldest standing mill in South Carolina – Anderson Mill. These cultural gems within this corridor create an opportunity for education, connection, recreation, and access to this pristine area. The focus area for this project is southwest of downtown Spartanburg, in the Moore area, east of the City of Woodruff. We do not know everything that will develop or be preserved along this corridor, and we want your feedback to help shape the future of the Tyger River region!


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