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The project team wants to know if there are other improvements we should consider constructing as part of the project. Use our comment map below to share your experiences traveling through the area and what changes you would like to see. Comments will be accepted through August 4, 2024.

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Project Overview

Weaver Lake Rd. between Maple Grove Pkwy. and E Fish Lake Rd. is scheduled for improvements in 2026 due to the pavement age and poor condition. It is anticipated that the project will involve completely removing (reclaiming) the existing pavement and paving a new roadway surface. Rehabilitating the roadway is part of the City’s ongoing pavement management strategy to maintain high quality roadways.

The need for pavement rehabilitation is an opportunity to identify and address additional traffic flow and pedestrian/bicycle safety concerns in the area. Throughout the duration of the project, the project team will be collecting feedback from the people who live, work, and travel through the project area to understand what additional improvements the team should consider. More information will be provided as it is confirmed; to be notified of project updates including feedback opportunities, sign up for project email or text updates.

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Project Update: May 2024

The project team will begin gathering physical data along the roadway corridor. The data collection includes pavement sampling, topographic survey, traffic counting, and evaluation of underground utilities. This work is expected to take 1-2 months but will have very limited or no impacts to property owners or the traveling public. Additional public outreach will occur later this summer.


RJ Kakach
City Engineer

Eric Seaburg
Consultant Design Engineer

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