Dague Avenue - Improvements Project


Dague Avenue is a narrow roadway with deteriorated pavement and no pedestrian facilities. The City of Buffalo is experiencing residential growth in this area. The Dague Avenue project will replace the deteriorated pavement and increase the safety and capacity with the addition of turn lanes, shoulders, a roundabout and pedestrian trails.


The proposed Dague Avenue Improvements Project is located along the northeast extents of the City of Buffalo. The project includes improvements to the streets, storm sewer, and pedestrian facilities. The  proposed improvements are along the following streets:

  • Dague Avenue – CSAH 35 to 40th Street NE
  • 30th Street NE – Dague Avenue to 1 block east of Maple Avenue

Project Update: October 27, 2021

Access to Specific Locations:

  • High School access is from south via County Road 35
  • Bus Garage access is from the south via County Road 35
  • Ruffin Inn Pet Lodge access is from the south via County Road 35.  Beginning sometime during the week of November 8, access will be from the north via 30th Street
  • Greenbriar Hills Development and all properties north of 30th St. continued access from 30th Street for the remainder of this construction season

High School Entrance to North Bus Garage Driveway:

  • Storm sewer, grading and street construction to gravel is substantially complete

Ruffin Inn Pet Lodge to 30th Street:

  • Pavement removals, excavation and storm sewer installation is underway
  • Street construction to gravel surface is anticipated to be substantially complete around November 8

Ruffin Inn Pet Lodge to North Bus Garage Driveway:

  • Pavement removals begin the week of November 8
  • Grading, storm sewer and street work is expected to continue through November 15

High School Entrance to 30th Street:

  • Work may continue on the trail construction later this year
  • Curb and gutter, paving, topsoil and seeding will occur in 2022
  • The street will be a gravel surface for the winter of 2021-2022
  • We anticipate the roadway to re-open to thru traffic sometime in December 2021 until construction resumes in Spring 2022


Construction began in September 2021. The project is schedule for substantial completion by October 2022.

Project Details

See the Project Flyer for additional project details.


2021 Construction Area & Access Route
Dague Avenue Project Overview
CSAH 35 Roundabout Layout