Dague Avenue - Improvements Project

Phase One (September – December 2021):

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Dague Avenue closed north of Buffalo High School.


Detour via Calder Avenue to 30th Street NE.

Phase Two (April – May 2022):

30th Street NE closed west of Dague Avenue to Maple Avenue.

Detour via Dague Avenue.

Phase Three (June 2022):

Dague Avenue closed from 30th Street NE to Buffalo Ridge Drive.

Detour via Pulaski Road to 40th Street NE.

Phase Four (Mid-June – August 2022):

Intersection of Dague Avenue and County Road 35 closed. Dague Avenue closed from 40th Street NE. to Buffalo Ridge Drive.

Detour via County Road 35, Calder Avenue, County Road 34, Edmonson Avenue and 30th Street NE.