Q: How long will it take to complete this project?

The project is scheduled to begin in spring of 2019 or as soon as weather cooperates and will be substantially completed by fall of 2019. The project will be broken up into multiple stages so that not every block will be under construction at once. These stages will be identified later in the final design process and will be made available at that time.

Q: What work will be done on the project?

  • The current project area consists of Hickory Street, Westwood Court, Westview Drive, Westgail Court, Westlyn Court, and Westdel Rd
  • Replacement of sanitary sewer on all streets in project area
  • Abandonment of the sanitary lift station in Westview Park
  • Replacement of watermain on all streets in project area
  • Various drainage improvements
  • Full depth street reconstruction on all streets in project area
  • Other improvements to be discussed at the Neighborhood meeting

Q: My driveway needs to be replaced. Can you do that as well?

The city replaces that portion of your driveway that is necessary to facilitate the street and utility reconstruction, typically in the city’s right-of-way. The city cannot replace private infrastructure under the city’s contract with the contractor. Property owners wishing to replace their entire driveway could consider approaching the selected contractor and contract separately for the additional work.

Q: Will I be assessed for the project?

Per the City of Farmington’s Assessment Policy, the city WILL NOT be utilizing assessments for this project.

Q: What impacts can I expect to my city water and sanitary sewer service?

Water service for the most part will be unaffected by construction. During construction of the new watermain, individual residences are connected to an above ground temporary water system that is fed by the city’s current water system. While there will be a few planned short term water shutdowns, residents will usually receive 24 – 48 hr notice of these outages via a door hanger or paper notice. Sanitary sewer service will be unaffected by construction.

Q: Will streets be closed during the project?

During working hours, 7 AM to 7 PM M-F and 8 AM to 6 PM on Saturday as necessary, some access will be restricted as the street is under construction. The City will work with the contractor to minimize the duration and extent of closures. Before and after a major storm event, it is best to park outside of the construction area due to challenging road conditions may occur.

If you have any special events planned (i.e. graduation party, family reunion, etc) or have any special access needs please contact us and we will work with the contractor to accommodate you as best we can.

Q: Is there someone I can talk to about specific construction related issues or concerns at my property?

Please do not hesitate to contact either one of the project representatives at the contact information listed below. Receiving information and input from residents is vital to successful project.

Assistant City Engineer Matt Decur, P.E.
Phone: 651-280-6846
Email: MDecur@FarmingtonMN.gov

Matt Blazer, P.E.
Phone: 612-756-4823
Email: Mattbl@bolton-menk.com