Project Overview

The Highway 24 Hemlock Roundabout project has been delayed until summer 2022.

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Highway 24 Hemlock Roundabout Project

Within the past few years, Annandale Elementary School has experienced congestion related to school arrival and dismissal.

During the spring of 2020, the Annandale Care Center was moving forward with their campus expansion north of the existing facility along TH 24. As part of permitting the new driveway access and plat review process the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) suggested adding a roundabout on Highway 24 as the proposed intersection traffic control for the proposed driveway location across from Hemlock Street.

Based on the need for a solution to congestion within the Annandale Elementary School and the need for access to the new Annandale Care Center campus expansion, the City, School District 876, Care Center and MnDOT have been collaborating on development of the Highway 24 Hemlock Roundabout project and are planning for a 2021 construction.

The project will also provide a raised median south along Highway 24 from the roundabout to approximately 700-feet south of the Annandale Elementary School and a sidewalk along the west side of Highway 24. At the entrance to the elementary school, a median opening will allow for southbound left turns into the school and northbound right in and right out turns only. The roundabout will provide for U-turns for all traffic including right turning vehicles out of the elementary school wanting to go south on Highway 24.

As part of the redesign, only right-hand turns can be made when exiting the Annandale Elementary School parking lot. Traffic will be directed northbound to the new roundabout at Highway 24 and Hemlock Street, which will allow motorists to circle the intersection and head southbound.

No significant distance in redirection will occur. The proximity of the roundabout to the school entrance/exit is approximately 350 feet.

Hemlock Street/80th Street NW Maintenance Work

Concurrent with the Highway 24 Hemlock Roundabout project, the City of Annandale and Corinna Township are working cooperatively on a full depth reclamation (FDR) pavement maintenance project on Hemlock Street/80th Street NW. The work limits of the FDR are from the roundabout project on Highway 24 (on the west) to Wright County Road 6 NW (on the east). The FDR consists of milling the full depth of pavement, compacting the road base and paving a new bituminous driving surface. This work will be done under traffic and there will always be access to the Eastview neighborhood and High School from County Road 6 and Hemlock Street/80th Street NW.

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