2024 Central Avenues Improvements


Project Schedule

Project Schedule


September 13 – Neighborhood Meeting 1

    • Review Existing Conditions, present proposed improvements, collect input

October 3 – City Council Meeting

    • Present Feasibility Report and Council calls for the public hearing

October 25 – Neighborhood Meeting 2

    • Review of proposed improvements, review preliminary assessments, collect input

November 14 – City Council Meeting

    • Council conducts public hearing on improvements and considers ordering final plans


January 16 – City Council Meeting

    • Approve final plans and authorize bidding

February 9 – Open Bids

February 20 – City Council Meeting

    • Council orders public hearing on assessments

Early March (Date TBD)– Neighborhood Meeting 3

    • Review final assessments and plans, discuss construction process, collect input

March 19 – City Council Meeting

    • Conduct public hearing on assessments and consider adopting assessments
    • Award contract

May to October – Construction

    • Construction could possibly start in April if weather conditions allow
    • Final punch list and cleanup items may go into November and Spring of 2025