City of Randolph Sanitary Sewer Project

Project Overview

What is the Sanitary Sewer Project?

At the November 19, 2020 Special Council Meeting, the City Council voted to accept the $13 million bond from the State of Minnesota for construction of a city sanitary sewer system and authorized Bolton & Menk to begin preliminary engineering. This project consists of installing sanitary sewer main under the street, replacing the street above the new sanitary sewer, extending sanitary sewer services to the right-of-way, and construction of sanitary holding ponds. Through the next few months the City will be gathering information on the project area for future decision making.

Project Update

December 11, 2023

  • Construction materials were moved off Dickman Ave to their temporary storage area to the north
  • The Contractor marked out trees to be removed with a pink dot.
  • Tree removals are scheduled to be performed later this week. If you have any questions about a tree on your property that is scheduled for removal please contact Jon Andrys at 651-318-7690.

Project Scope