City of Randolph Sanitary Sewer Project

Project Overview

What is the Sanitary Sewer Project?

At the November 19, 2020 Special Council Meeting, the City Council voted to accept the $13 million bond from the State of Minnesota for construction of a city sanitary sewer system and authorized Bolton & Menk to begin preliminary engineering. This project consists of installing sanitary sewer main under the street, replacing the street above the new sanitary sewer, extending sanitary sewer services to the right-of-way, and construction of sanitary holding ponds. Through the next few months the City will be gathering information on the project area for future decision making.

Project Update

June 21, 2024:

Work Completed This Week

  • Sanitary Sewer main installation on Stage B (292nd between Dawson & Danel) began.
  • Storm Sewer installation on Stage A was delayed by rain but will begin next week.

Construction Work Next Week

  • Sanitary Sewer services and water service installation on Stage B (292nd between Dawson & Danel) are expected to begin
  • Sewer Construction Stage D (CSAH 88 between the railroad and Duncan) is expected to begin late in the week or early the following week
  • Street construction on Stage I (Dixie between 292nd and Doyle) is expected to begin
  • Street construction on Stage A east of the Dickman is expected to begin

Upcoming Construction Work

  • Sewer Construction on Stage G (Dawson between 292nd & 290th) from 292nd to 291st is expected to begin in 1-2 weeks. The contractor will return later to complete the northern portion of Dawson.
  • The sanitary sewer on Stage U (291st St between Dawson & Dickman) will occur ahead of schedule and is expected to begin in 1-2 weeks
  • Street and storm sewer construction on Stage A west of the Dickman is expected to begin 1-2 weeks

 News & Notes

  • With construction approaching the school on 292nd St some access points are better than others
    • The best access to the baseball field is via Danel Ave to cross 292nd St and park in the gravel lot
    • the best access to the school it is from Dickman (CR 83) to 290th St to Davisson Ave/Dawson Ave
  • Some residents have been placed on the temporary water system. As a reminder, please do not touch the temporary watermain including when mowing your lawn. If you have any issues with your temporary water system, please reach out to Jon Andrys at (651)-318-7690
  • Please do not remove the wood survey stakes or the utility marking flags. The contractor needs them to complete their work and removing them will delay the project. The contractor will remove them when they are not needed.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Project Scope & Staging