City of Becker, MN



What is Becker 2040?

Becker 2040: Shaping a Better Becker, is an initiative to update the City’s comprehensive plan, and identify what the future of Becker should look like. Comprehensive Plans outline a unified, guiding vision for the future of a city, while providing a recommended framework for allocating resources over the next 10-20 years. These plans are typically updated every 10 or so years. The City is currently reaching the final phases of the update.  Adoption is anticipated to occur by early summer of 2021.

Plan Focus Areas

Becker 2040 focuses on nine key sections common of many comprehensive plans. Each focus area includes information, ideas, goals, and strategies from past studies and plans while integrating current data and input from community members, and input from elected and appointed City officials, to help make informed, long-term decisions that benefit all residents.

Focus areas include:

Land Use


Parks, Recreation and Trails

Natural Resources


Utilities and Community Facilities

Economic Development

City Image Opportunities


View the final plan!

The FINAL VERSION of the Becker 2040 Plan is now available to view! Click below to review the plan!

Becker 2040 Plan