City of Becker, MN


History and Goals

Comprehensive Plan History

Its been nearly 10 years since the City’s last comprehensive plan was created. Much has changed since then, and the City realized it was time to develop a new, updated roadmap for Becker’s future.


The Becker 2040 Plan process is rooted in six city-wide goals that provide the lens in which the City views its future growth. These goals were developed during early visioning sessions with city staff and leadership, and are intended to be broadly applied across the plan creation process.

Goal 1: Preserve and promote accessible housing for all stages of life.

Goal 2: Strategically guide mixed-use development towards centralized locations throughout the City.

Goal 3: Define and support a thriving community center, while rethinking the future of the 1st St frontage commercial strip.

Goal 4: Leverage existing industrial infrastructure towards continued industrial sector growth.

Goal 5: Ensure continued transportation connectivity while the city grows.

Goal 6: Support and grow recreational connectivity and access throughout the city, including trails, pedestrian facilities, and bike networks.