Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements

Facility Improvements Overview

Spring Valley’s wastewater treatment plant has served us diligently over the past 36 years. However, as our existing plant continues to age and regulatory requirements evolve, so must our infrastructure. We are embarking on a comprehensive Wastewater Treatment plant upgrade that prolongs the service life of our existing plant and includes new infrastructure necessary to meet increasingly stringent treatment requirements mandated by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. These necessary improvements will be designed for efficiency and longevity, prepared to serve our community for the next 25 years and beyond.

The City is working diligently to qualify for low-interest loans and grant opportunities that will make the project affordable for the community; however, user rates will need to be increased in order to qualify for this funding.

Process Flow

Existing Process
Existing conditions diagram of treatment plant
Proposed Process
Proposed process flow changes diagram

Upgrade Announcement