A Beacon For A Better Tomorrow


Project Overview


A Comprehensive Plan: Storm Lake 2030
“A Beacon for a Better Tomorrow”

A Comprehensive Plan identifies the vision and goals of a community while acting as a guide and reference for a community’s growth and development. A Comprehensive Plan outlines changes in the landscape and built environment for many years into the future. Storm Lake 2030 is a living document meant to be continuously updated and edited to fit the community’s ever-changing needs. The plan is intended to outline future land use and transportation patterns, the community’s housing and amenity needs, and public and private partnerships for infrastructure investments. A Comprehensive Plan also provides guidance on the implementation of a community’s goals and focuses on sustainability, progress, and successful implementation.

Storm Lake’s Comprehensive Plan addresses the following:

  • Vision, Goals, and Objectives
  • Land Use
  • Housing
  • Public Infrastructure
  • Transportation
  • Economic Development
  • Natural Resources
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Community Character
  • Implementation Strategies

The Process

  1. Use existing resources including but not limited to prior comprehensive plans, zoning ordinances, and previous studies and reports related to the community.
  2. Make use of local knowledge by engaging with the public and stakeholders to learn about the community’s long-term vision and goals.
  3. Work with Storm Lake to establish an implementation plan and timeline for the future.

The Importance

Storm Lake 2030 outlines the future character of a community while providing clear goals and implementation strategies. A Comprehensive Plan can be used as a tool to identify the public’s needs regarding infrastructure, human services, and amenities. Comprehensive Plans help communities identify and effectively use their resources to progress growth and development towards the community’s vision and goals. Storm Lake’s current comprehensive plan completed in 2013. Comprehensive plans typically forecast out approximately 20 years but should be updated every ten years to remain accurate. In the past ten years, the COVID-19 pandemic has shaped the way people live and work and has become a testament to why there is a change to always take a step back and regroup.