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Public Input


The City of Storm Lake needs your help as we work to update the Comprehensive Plan! The below survey will get your insight on city-wide issues and opportunities while ensuring the Comprehensive Plan process continues moving forward. Project Documents include meeting notices to ensure the public knows about upcoming events related to the community’s planning process.


InputID is an interactive mapping software where community members can post strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that they see in the City of Storm Lake. On the map, you can see what others have already pinned and can comment on the pins or simply like or dislike what is already pinned. Community members also have the opportunity to post their own thoughts on what they would like to see changed in Storm Lake, or what they think should stay the same. Take a tour on the platform to get to know the ins and outs of the site!

Input ID

Meeting in a Box

Meeting in a Box is a way to generate conversation and feedback from the community about Storm Lake 2040. Anyone can host or facilitate a meeting, from an informal group of friends to a regularly scheduled meeting of a community institution. The Meeting in a Box provides a guide for the conversation, but the host can change or adapt the approach as needed to best fit the needs of the group.