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Project Overview

Infrastructure improvements are planned to be constructed or reconstructed to provide the public with a sustainable system of roads, utilities, trails, and sidewalks to improve the City with greater connectivity among residents, safer traveling for vehicles and pedestrians, and a healthier quality of life. These improvements consist of the following components:

  • Reconstruction of the streets listed below. This includes removing and reconstructing the entire right-of-way and improving the sub-base and existing storm sewer system.
    • Main Street from Walnut Street to Maple Street.
    • Walnut Street from 3rd Street West to 1st Street West.
    • 3rd Street West from approximately 350 feet west of Cherry Street to approximately 200 feet east of Walnut Street.
    • Cherry Street from 3rd Street West to 2nd Street West.
  • Sidewalk reconstruction along both sides of Main Street and along the east side of Walnut Street.
  • New sidewalk construction along the west side of Walnut Street and along the south side of 3rd Street to the east of Walnut Street.
  • Trail reconstruction along the south side of 3rd Street West along the fairgrounds property.
  • Sanitary sewer and watermain replacement along Main Street, Walnut Street, and 3rd Street West.
  • Replacement of watermain along Waconia Parkway North from Sugarbush Park to Scott Lane.
  • Mill & overlay of Oak Avenue from Hwy 5 to Waconia Parkway South.
  • Trail reconstruction along both sides of Oak Avenue to the north of Hwy 5 and along the north side of Community Drive to the east of Wildcat Way.
  • Paving of the asphalt upper layer of the road on 94th Street near the high school.
  • Drainage improvements in Sugarbush Park.
  • Drainage improvements near the Hwy 10 reinforced concrete structure (box culvert) located near Somerwood Drive.

What to Expect During Construction

This video is intended to guide you through what to expect during the residential reconstruction project, detailing some impacts you may experience and how to prepare accordingly.