Roadway Design

Design Work to Date

The city completed a feasibility report that was approved by the City Council on April 17, 2018. The report compiled all previous traffic studies, existing pavement conditions and options to implement needed sanitary and watermain improvements. From the data, this project was identified as a need and therefore a preliminary project footprint was established. In conjunction with that report, MnDOT District 3 awarded the City of Baxter $1.1 million in Local Initiative funding and $805,000 in federal funds through the Region 5 process to be applied to this project.

One area of focus that was not analyzed within the feasibility study was the TH 210/Inglewood Dr intersection and the influence the railroad will have being adjacent to it. Bolton and Menk has started this process and will continue to analyze until this fall. Options and improvements being considers include turn lane lengths, signal timing, pedestrian crossing locations, lane configurations, etc. All work associated with the intersection will be amended into the feasibility report and published publicly.

MnDOT District 3 has begun a TH 210 Corridor Study that overlaps with this project. Their study consists of analyzing safety improvements, access management, traffic flow patterns, pedestrian crossings and capacity of the corridor through the City of Baxter. The City of Baxter is present and engaged during this work and open to possibilities that could mesh and possibly be incorporated into this project.

Traffic Studies Completed 



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