Downtown Highway 41 Project


2023 construction recap

Crews have been busy reconstructing Highway 41 since construction began this spring. Check out a high-level construction recap for 2023:

  • 15,000 ft. of underground pipe beneath Highway 41 and 61
  • 9,000 tons of pavement
  • 3+ miles of curb
  • 1+ miles of sidewalk
  • New pedestrian tunnel near 5th St.
  • 100,000 decorative bricks
  • 66 light poles
    5 signal systems and 1 new pedestrian beacon
  • Signage and banner poles
  • Bollards, benches, and bike racks

What work remains for 2024?

Crews will resume work in spring 2024 put the finishing touches on the project. Both Highway 41 and Highway 61 will remain open for this work, though you may notice some lane closures in select areas.

Here is a breakdown of what work remains for 2024:

  • Parking lots (east side of Highway 41 between 2nd and 3rd streets, 4th and 5th streets, and 5th Street and Highway 61). Crews will begin work in the spring as soon as weather allows to complete the new parking lot paseos. Check out a rendering of what one of the new lots will look like.
  • Pedestrian tunnel. Next spring, crews will finalize the new pedestrian tunnel north of 5th Street. This will include railings, sidewalk, and other decorative elements.
  • Plantings and other landscaping.¬†Crews will remove the temporary black tarp and rocks in the boulevards and install new plantings. These decorative elements will elevate the downtown look and feel.