Downtown Highway 41 Project


Project History

Founded in 1852, Chaska has a historic downtown with many 19th century structures remaining. Today, it is an active and evolving economic center and regional attraction home to more than 175 businesses. Highway 41 bisects Downtown Chaska, providing local access and circulation as well as connections to the greater Twin Cities metro area. Highway 41 also serves as one of the four Minnesota River crossings in the southwestern metro area.

The highway’s existing four-lane divided roadway with parking on the northbound lanes leaves little room for sidewalks, which makes downtown uninviting to non-motorized travel. Highway 41 does not have left turn lanes at intersections within downtown. The lack of left turn lanes creates major disruptions to the main roadway, causing cars to weave over a lane to avoid getting stuck behind turning vehicles. Safety, pedestrians, parking, speed, environment, access, and mobility are among the numerous concerns by the businesses, property owners, and public.

2015-2017: Identifying Potential Improvements

The purpose of the study was to identify a vision for transportation system improvements to address existing issues and future growth. The study area included Downtown Chaska and adjacent areas to the north, west and east. Completed in 2018, the study report summarizes findings, provides recommendations, and outlines a plan for project implementation. Visit the study website at

Study Documents 

2018-2022: Funding and Designing the Downtown Highway 41 Project

The final design is complete for the Downtown Highway 41 Project. Project partners assembled a funding package for this project between 2018-2020. With funding secured, we are now ready to construct the project. Check out the final design:

2022-2023: Construction

Construction began in fall 2022 and will last until November 2023. Check out the construction tab for more information.