Downtown Highway 41 Project


Potential Impacts to Businesses

This page provides information for business owners in Downtown Chaska. You can expect to information here to expand as we move forward in the project design process.

Construction of the Downtown Highway 41 Project will impact access to businesses. During the design phase, the project team will offer business owners multiple opportunities to discuss their concerns and provide input on potential access issues. If you are a business owner in Downtown Chaska and would like to receive information about these opportunities, please contact the project communications manager listed at the bottom of this page. The project team is also coordinating with the Chaska Downtown Business Alliance (CDBA) to help keep businesses informed about the project.

Preparing for Construction

Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin next year. During the project design phase, the project team will draft a construction staging plan and share it with business owners to get their feedback. The construction staging plan will include information such as timing/location of construction and information about road closures and detours. This information will be useful for planning ahead to keep your employees, customers, and suppliers informed about access to your business.

You may want to think now about how you’ll keep people informed about accessing your business during construction. If you don’t already have social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), consider doing this for your business. You may also want to consider temporary signs/banners to promote that your business is open during construction. For more tips and tricks, look below in Resources.

Business Contact

Project updates for businesses will be sent out through email. If you want to receive these updates, please reach out to the project communications manager:

Nicole Krause
Project Communications Specialist