Downtown Highway 41 Project


Construction News

The Downtown Highway 41 Project is currently in the final design phase. This phase includes planning, design, environmental review, and property acquisition.


The project team anticipates having a construction staging plan (how the project will be built) for the project by late 2021. This information will be shared as it becomes available.

For general information about construction, please review the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will construction begin and how long will it last?

A construction start date has not yet been determined. The project team will develop a construction staging plan by the end of 2021 and share this with the public. At this time, the project team is considering building the project in two phases over two years:

  • Phase 1: Reconstruction of Chaska Boulevard; construction of two new public parking lots
  • Phase 2: Reconstruction of Highway 41; construction of pedestrian tunnel and trail

How will I know when roads are closed and what detours to take?

To receive the latest project news, sign up to receive project updates by email or text. This website, the project Facebook page, and City social media accounts will also share information about upcoming/existing road closures and how to get around during construction. As construction nears, signage will be placed to identify road closures and detour routes.

I own a business in Downtown. How will I receive deliveries during construction?

The project team will be hosting business meetings in 2021 to address these and other concerns. For more information, please check out the Business page.